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Live Dealer Games

How are live dealer games different?

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Written By Oliver Jackson 3 min read
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If you crave authentic casino vibes, live dealer games are a game changer. I'll tackle all you need to know so you can comfortably enjoy the live casino experience.

What sets live dealer games apart

Traditional online casino games run on computer-generated graphics and fancy algorithms. But now, enter live dealer games – these gems bring in that human touch and actual casino gear, practically merging the online and land-based casino worlds. 

Here's where things get exciting. Live dealer games make use of some seriously advanced tech. We're talking multiple cameras capturing every move, all in real-time. Plus, you get to shoot the breeze with the dealer and fellow players through live chat. 

Fairness and security

Here's where your peace of mind kicks in. Live dealer games take fairness and security seriously. They've got certified random number generators (RNGs) running the show, guaranteeing outcomes that are as random as a roll of the dice. 

And the tech behind it all? Optical character recognition (OCR) is on the job, recording every single move, ensuring no sneaky business goes down. Plus, there are stringent regulations and licensing to keep things safe and sound. 

Conclusion: Elevate Your Gaming Adventure

Live dealer games are the real deal, offering an immersive, social, and secure gaming experience that'll make you forget all about traditional online casino games. 

Picture this: real-time interaction with charming live dealers who bring the casino right to your screen. It's like having a piece of Vegas in your living room!

So, now that you know what the deal is, you can dive into the fun at our tested online live casinos and experience the excitement of live dealer games firsthand.

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