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Rating Online Casinos

Our team of experts conducts rigorous evaluations to provide reliable insights. We focus on delivering unbiased analyses to help you play with confidence.

How We Rate Online Casinos

We take great pride in being able to offer our players an online experience that is safe, fair, and fun. We follow strict editorial guidelines for our casino rating process to provide the highest quality service possible.

Bonuses and Promotions

Our team delves into the specifics of each welcome bonus type (deposit bonus, no deposit bonus, and free spins), explaining how they work, the benefits, and limitations.

We examine the transparency and simplicity of the associated terms and conditions, including whether the wagering requirements are reasonable and achievable within a realistic timeframe.

Beyond the welcome offers, we explore ongoing promotions including cashback for losses and casino-wide tournaments. Our thorough evaluations keep you informed about all ongoing offers.

Game Selection and Software

To ensure a seamless experience, we rigorously test all casino games, including slots, table games, and specialty games, across all available platforms, including mobile apps and websites. 

We assess the quantity and variety of available games, and we verify that the casino offers multiple ways for players to navigate, sort, and filter through the collection. We also verify the presence of demo versions. 

We explore the availability of established names like NetEnt and emerging players like High 5 Gaming for game diversity, graphics quality, and innovative features. Lastly, we compare the library against market offerings

Deposit and Withdrawal Process

We assess transaction delays, limits, and potential fees of standard payment methods like Visa or Interac, as well as all other alternatives, like e-wallets and cryptos. 

We test the speed and ease of deposits and withdrawals, verifying if additional documents are necessary for faster transactions. Swifter processes contribute to elevated ratings.


The payment methods listed on the casino site undergo rigorous evaluation for encryption, fraud monitoring, and multi-factor authentication.

Licence and Security

The initial focus centers on security and quality. The primary objective is to ascertain the casino's adherence to standard operations. We exclude any operator that does not meet legal requirements.

First, we confirm the legitimacy of the operator's licence by engaging with relevant authorities. For data security, we ensure the SSL certificate's authenticity and validity.

We scrutinize independent testing certifications for randomness and fairness. We also confirm dedication to responsible gambling: presence of self-help resources and problem gambling organizations.

Mobile Compatibility

Our team of experts examines the casino site's compatibility with mobile devices and seeks casino apps that can be effortlessly downloaded on iOS and Android devices.

We also test the navigation menu for user-friendliness, the game compatibility, and the availability of customer support options. Finally, we compare the performance with other offerings in the market.

Loyalty and VIP Programs

Elevating the player experience, VIP loyalty programs offer added advantages. We conduct a thorough assessment of these programs, encompassing an understanding of different loyalty tiers and the mechanics of earning rewards. 

Customer Support

When endorsing an operator, we rigorously test their support through various channels (live chat, email, phone, and social media support options), assessing factors, such as response speed, communication clarity, service hours, and overall support quality. 

Initiating the evaluation process, we send test emails, make phone calls, ask questions to live char representatives, and gauge response times. In ensuring your peace of mind, we evaluate the proficiency and expertise of the casino's support staff.

Branding and User Interface

We assess how the casino's branding and user interface contribute to the overall gaming experience. This includes design coherence, ease of navigation, and how effectively the user interface enhances your interaction with the platform.

Additional Ranking Factors

Our approach to reviewing online casinos involves recognizing the unique attributes of each aspect. It's important to note that our evaluation process differs based on the nature of the content.

Payment Methods

In assessing payment options, we consider several vital factors that impact your transaction experience, including the simplicity and efficiency of account setup, as well as the potential fees and delays associated with transactions. Additionally, we assess the range of minimum and maximum transaction limits.

We also verify the payment method's availability across online casinos, and determine whether it is a viable option for both deposits and withdrawals. Finally, we disclose its level of anonymity and security, and verify its bonus eligibility.

Live Casino

In our live casino evaluations, we scrutinize the variety and scope of available live games, and ensure seamless mobile performance and app compatibility. We evaluate the reputation and diversity of live gaming providers, while also ensuring the live casino maintains rigorous security and reliability standards.

How We Use Our Factors to Rate Casinos

Our rating system employs a star rating out of 5. Casinos falling below a certain score – typically 3.5 stars – do not meet our recommended criteria and are classified as "Not Recommended."

We create a detailed score by meticulously analyzing the factors highlighted in this article. Our final rating, a combination of these individual scores, represents the casino's overall performance. 

FactorScore (Out of 5)
Bonuses and Promotions

Amount and percentage of bonuses: 15% 

Minimum deposit required: 5%

Wagering requirements: 20% 

No Deposit Bonuses Yes/No: 10% 

Free Spins Yes/No: 5% 

Payment methods accepted: 10% 

Games valid for bonuses: 10% 

Time to meet wagering requirements: 10% 

Easy to understand terms and conditions: 5% 

Quantity and quality of promotions for registered users: 10% 

Overall: 100%
Games and Providers

Total number of games: 25% 

Variety of games: 25% 

Number of suppliers: 15% 

Software quality: 20% 

Demo version Yes/No: 15% 

Overall: 100%
Payment Methods

Number of payment methods available: 30% 

Security of payment methods: 25% 

Minimum and maximum deposit: 10% 

Minimum and maximum withdrawal: 10% 

Withdrawal time: 10% 

Fees (Yes/No, Amount): 10% 

Easily accessible information on payment methods: 5% 

Overall: 100%
Live Casino

Total number of games: 25% 

Variety of games: 25% 

Number of suppliers: 15% 

Software quality: 20% 

Navigational functionalities : 15%

Overall: 100%
Design and UI

Graphic design: 25% 

Content organization and navigation: 25% 

Available search filters: 10% 

User friendly interface: 20% 

Readable fonts: 10% 

Functional elements: 10% 

Overall: 100%
Mobile Compatibility

Web compatibility: 20% 

Native app: 15% 

Browsing on mobile devices: 15% 

Charge speed: 20% 

iOS/Android compatibility: 15% 

Specific bonuses for mobile devices: 5% 

Accessibility to all online casino elements: 10% 

Overall: 100%
Customer Support

Number of contact channels: 25% 

Live Chat Presence: 15% 

Response time: 20% 

Response quality: 20% 

Hours of service: 10% 

FAQs (Yes/No, Quality): 10% 

Overall: 100%
Security and Licensing

Operating license granted by a renowned entity: 35% 

Data encryption: 20% 

Player Protection Tools: 20% 

Prohibition of gambling for minors: 20% 

Brand reputation (Presence in the market, awards in the industry): 5% 

Overall: 100%
Overall Rating (Total)

Bonuses and promotions: 4

Casino Games and Providers: 4

Payments: 3

Live Casino: 3

Design and user interface: 3

Mobile: 4.5 

Support: 3

Player safety and protection: 5

The overall score indicated in our review is: 3.6 (4 + 4 + 3 + 3 + 3 + 4.5 + 3 + 5 / 8).

What makes us different from other review sites

At, our distinct approach to online casino reviews sets us apart from the crowd. We prioritize transparency, relying on a team of experts to meticulously evaluate various aspects of casinos, from bonuses and game selection to security and user experience. 

Our commitment to providing in-depth, unbiased insights means ensuring our readers receive accurate and reliable information. Additionally, our unique scoring system, based on comprehensive evaluations, gives you a holistic understanding of each casino's strengths and areas for improvement.


Who rates the casinos on chevron-down-icon

Our team of experienced experts conducts thorough evaluations based on strict editorial guidelines to provide reliable insights into online casinos.

How often is the rating system updated? chevron-down-icon

We update our rating system on a daily to weekly basis, as needed, to reflect the most accurate and current assessments of online casinos in the Canadian market.

Can online casinos change the current score? chevron-down-icon

Online casinos have no effect on the scores assigned by our rigorous evaluation process. However, if a casino has updated its policies or added new features, we may adjust the score to reflect these updates.

What does a "not recommended casino" imply? chevron-down-icon

"Not Recommended" indicates that a casino falls below our established rating threshold, signaling that it does not meet our recommended criteria for a satisfying gaming experience.